Ongoing personal photo and film project  about voyeurism and identity


After I came to realize that I often direct my subject as how I am feeling, I was actually literally asking them to play me. My projects seem to be the start of this self-identifying relationship and journey. 

If my subjects were to become me, then I had to become a stranger to myself. These images are a result of the experimental identity swap with brunette models. I was forced to see myself as a stranger would and explore what voyeurism means when turned on it self. 

I loaned the models my outfits and clothes and kept hem as pure and plain as I could. Through this way the had to understand the role they were playing purely by my directions, as for the clothes could be a distraction. 

The act of photographic requires the photographer and subject to build a unique and highly personal relationship, even if for a moment. If I were to ask my subjects outright to pretend to be me, someone they barely know, how would they respond? What will happen when I give them too much power? Will they eventually take over my identity and story? Will I start to lose myself in these fictional characters, living in a whole new life that does not exist? These pictures are the first answers on my ongoing research to translating my identity.


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