Graduation Project 'Our Self-Fulfilling Prophecy' - WORKING ON NOW/SPRING 2020


Our self-fulfilling prophecy is critically questioning the occurring effects of the online self diagnosis habit by the millennial generation. With underlying questions such as: Is there a depression epidemic among millennials? And if so, to what extent does the term “depression epidemic” refer to a broader shared existential crisis that is caused by digital changes in memetic communication and social relationships? And does psychiatry and online language use in self-diagnosis tests cause people with a short-term mental breakdown to consider themselves depressed?

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In the week of March the 2nd I participated in the workshop of Willem Popelier called: “Graduation in 4 Days”. Which as the title says, makes you “graduate” in 4 days. Every day is equal to one month of progress in real life. This forced me to make fast decisions regarding my projects vision, mission and result, and give me a kickstart in my final graduation project. During these days I created my title, a project statement and visual end result: a video dj.


With this disorderly and melachonic dialogue I show the vulnerability and irony of what this epidemic creates in this regenerated individualistic orange and gloomy world, while also developing new visual strategies that present moving images from a psychological specific context to a young adult audience.

Inspiration: Sun Power DSM Construction Sunset Orange (Yellow and Red) Apocalypse Rave Culture Nightclub “This is Not About Healing” Re-Generation Social Media Isolation Containing the Emotion Instagram Story 90’s Culture Millenials Techno Youtube


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